6 Steps to Improve Your Domain Authority and SEO

Increase Domain Authority

Want to know the secret behind why sites like Wikipedia, Forbes, and others always tend to rank high in search results? It’s because they have a good domain authority. As a small business owner, the only metric you need to worry about for SEO is your website’s domain authority. If you’ve never heard of domain […]

How We Increased Our Facebook Traffic by 332% in 2015

Increase your Facebook Reach

Everybody I have talked with is complaining about their Facebook page reach going down. That’s because the organic Facebook reach has slowly declined for most Facebook pages. Unlike others, 2015 was a huge year for WPBeginner on Facebook. We increased our Facebook traffic by 332 percent, and the crazy part is that almost all of […]

5 Tips to Creating Stellar Evergreen Content that Lasts

Evergreen Content

Want to know the secret of receiving a constant stream of organic traffic to your site? It’s called Evergreen content. I get asked about it all the time, so I decided to share some tips on how you can create stellar evergreen content that lasts. Before I start, I want to mention that developing evergreen […]

How to Structure a Perfect Blog Post (With Examples)


When you first start blogging, you don’t really know how to put together a blog post. You may not even know if your blog post ideas are any good. Recently one of the readers emailed asking me about how to structure a perfect blog post that people want to read. Well having written and edited […]

The Top #1 Affiliate Marketing Mistake That You Want to Avoid

Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of articles about “best affiliate marketing tips” or the “worst affiliate marketing mistakes”, but they’re all mostly fluff. I often get asked about what do you think is the top affiliate marketing mistake that beginners make? And when I share it, even the more experienced bloggers have their AHA moment. Some have […]