Behind the Scenes of WPForms – My New WordPress Plugin

WPForms - Simple but Flexible

Forms have been part of the web for quite a long time. Just google the word “contact form”, and you will see over 210 Million results. Even if you search the plugins directory, there are 1000+ plugins with a tag “contact form”. When the news first got out that we’re launching WPForms, a WordPress […]

15 Brilliant Questions to Ask Other Leaders

15 Brilliant Questions to Ask Other Leaders

Have you ever met a leader you really admired at an industry conference … only to go completely blank? Maybe you felt a little starstruck. Maybe you knew there were all sorts of good questions you could ask them … but you ended up blurting out the first one into your head. Having been on […]

The Ultimate Low-Budget High-Impact Marketing Plan for Startups

Low Budget High Impact Marketing Plan

When you are starting a boot-strapped business, money is tight. You usually don’t have a huge marketing or advertising budget – if at all. I’m often asked questions about cost effective marketing strategies that work. In this article, I’m going to share my ultimate low-budget high-impact marketing plan for startups. But in all honesty, I […]

Revenue vs Profits – What should Boot-strapped Entrepreneurs Focus on First?

Profit Margin

As entrepreneurs, we are often too focused on growing site traffic, social media following, email list, team size, or whatever other dumb glorifying number that helps you brag in public. But how often do you focus on increasing your profitability? As a small business, growing your profit is crucial for your success. Recently while mentoring […]