Controlling Your Own Distribution is Key Going Forward

Controlling your Distribution

While I was in Vegas this past week for CES and Affiliate Summit, one of my users asked “what’s the one thing you would recommend small business owners to focus in 2014”. My answer was control your own distribution.

Funny thing was that I got instant validation of this the same day when I got invited to the exclusive WWE Event. At the event this multi-billion dollar company made an announcement for the launch of their own WWE Network. Now what exactly is that?

Think of it as Netflix that archives all of their past shows with the addition of having live-streaming of pay-per-view and other events/shows.

But it’s not just WWE that’s doing it. Other multi-billion dollar companies such as MLB, NBA, and UFC are doing the same thing.

So what exactly are these companies trying to accomplish by doing this? Well, they want to increase their reach and ensure that their fan base can access their content whenever, wherever. If you can’t connect the dots, this also means more $$$.

With the restrictions of cable channels and plans, sometimes you have to get the full 300+ channel package just to get the 10 channels that you really want. I mean if my cable provider let me pick, I would only get a handful of channels rather than paying for 200+ channels that I don’t ever watch.

These companies have identified the best way of growing their business is to eliminate the barriers of reaching their audience.

So what about small businesses?

As a small business, you need to think about what’s the one thing that is in the way of you reaching your audience? and just fix that.

Recently I’m hearing a lot of complaints from users about Facebook and their reach going down. Small businesses who spent money and effort in growing their social media following are faced with the hard reality of paying to reach all of the fans who actually clicked the “Like Button” to receive updates from them.

Is that fair? No, but it is business.

While I love Facebook and other social media networks, you should never forget that they’re businesses first.

My #1 advice for small businesses is to create your blog or website and focus on building an email list.

Why? Because nobody can take that away from you. Also because it eliminates the barriers of reaching your audience.

If there is one thing you want to focus on in 2014, then controlling your own distribution should be it. This will not only increase your revenues, but it will offer a stable future-proof plan of growth.

What are you focusing on in 2014? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Also below are some of my pictures with the WWE Superstars. Had a great time at the event.

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3 thoughts on “Controlling Your Own Distribution is Key Going Forward

  1. Hey Syed, my focus is on building my email list and monetizing my traffic.
    I’ve built up a page on Facebook but get very little reach so I’m focussing on converting fans to email subscribers!
    Great to catch up in Vegas!