How We Increased Our Facebook Traffic by 332% in 2015

Increase your Facebook Reach

Everybody I have talked with is complaining about their Facebook page reach going down. That’s because the organic Facebook reach has slowly declined for most Facebook pages. Unlike others, 2015 was a huge year for WPBeginner on Facebook. We increased our Facebook traffic by 332 percent, and the crazy part is that almost all of our updates were links to our blog posts.

So no, we did not use viral photos, videos, or meaningless polls. I’m sure if we did, our results will be similar to what List25’s page has.

List25 Weekly Facebook Reach

In this article, I will share my tips on how to increase Facebook reach for your blog or business pages.

How is Facebook Reach calculated?

Before we talk about how I increased the Facebook reach, it’s important to understand what is your Facebook page’s reach based on.

Currently Facebook has over 100,000 different factors that go into making up your Edgerank.

However from my experience, there are only two that you should really care about.

First is user’s previous interaction with your page / brand.

If a user regularly interacts with your links (i.e like, comment, or click on it), then they clearly love seeing your content thus Facebook is more likely to show your links in their newsfeed.

Second is the overall interaction on a specific post from other users who saw the post.

Basically Facebook shows your new posts to a small group of your users. Based on their interaction, your post gets a score and is shown to even larger group of your audience.

What’s the Problem with Facebook Reach?

The best way that I can describe the Facebook organic reach problem is the Domino effect.

If you have one bad post, then it will impact the reach of your next post.

Now since less people see your next post, there will be even lower number of interactions which creates a negative chain reaction. Before you know it, your page’s organic reach vanishes.

This is exactly what happened to us in 2014 when our Facebook reach and traffic dropped.

But what if you can reverse the circumstances? Will the reach come back?

The answer is Yes.

If one of your post does really well, then your next post will have a better chance of succeeding due to increase in visibility.

So how can you increase your Facebook reach?

Increasing Your Facebook Page’s Reach

As I was losing my organic reach, I tried to do all sort of tricks that you’ve probably heard of.

Post images, run surveys, publish on the “best” times, increase / reduce frequency, and more.

None of those tricks were working.

So I started comparing WPBeginner fan page with my other viral Facebook pages. The one thing that was drastically different was the number of new fans we added every week.

*Aha Moment*

I need new fans who’re engaged and that will help me re-engage my old fans thus increasing my overall reach.

Ok, but how do I get new fans?


It works for products, so why wouldn’t it work for blogs right?

Since WPBeginner is 100% free, I never added a retargeting pixel.

Step 1: Add a Facebook Advertising Pixel on the website. (See full instructions)

Step 2: Boost your posts to your website audience – $5 for every post (we published one post a day, Monday – Friday).

By boosting your post to folks who visited / interacted with your website recently, you get your content in front of someone who remembers you. Not only are they going to like your post, but they’ll probably like your page as well.

This new engagement (although paid) helped us create a positive chain reaction.

Shortly after, we stopped boosting daily posts and switched to boosting 1 out of 3 posts.

To further improve our reach, I shared our older articles that have been well received on Facebook (i.e posts with a lot of Facebook likes / shares).

Since Facebook knows that this particular item was well-received in the past, they’re more likely to display it to a large group of my users.

I would then boost these older articles to further expand my reach and get even more new fans.

It took me about a month to get things back to normal and then I was like why stop now?

Result: 332% increase in Facebook traffic to WPBeginner.

Facebook Traffic Comparison

Note: the screenshot shows 333% because I took the screenshot a day after I wrote the article, and it’s comparing between Jan 1 – Dec 31st of 2014 to Jan 1 – Dec 22nd of 2015. So this number will actually be a little higher.


If your Facebook organic reach is declining, then use the strategy I shared above to increase your Facebook page reach.

Yes you’re going to have to pay a little bit, but if you can grow your traffic significantly by spending a few bucks, then it’s totally worth it.

Remember, most business owners are still wasting their time trying different organic tricks, so you have a head start.

100% organic reach is dead. But you can still take advantage of the paid + organic combo while competition is low.

For answering this question helped: Would I rather spend nothing and let my Facebook traffic die or spend a few pennies to 3x my traffic?

The answer was simple.

I hope this article helped you increase your facebook page reach. You may also like my article on 14-point blog post checklist to use before you hit publish.

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32 thoughts on “How We Increased Our Facebook Traffic by 332% in 2015

  1. I was just noticing that when I got your email with this post. I am definetely gonna try this during january!
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Great article.

    What benefit do you get out of your FaceBook page?

    My audience is B2B and I don’t know whether they are ‘targetable’.

    • Keep the current audience engaged — attract more readers for the site — and occasionally run promotions for our products such as OptinMonster.

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks. This made some things click for me. I’m already see much improved results with my entire social media strategy. I have a hunch it’s going to be a “game-changer” for me.

    Again, thank you!

      • It’s actually pretty crazy. I’m paying 5 cents per post engagement (which is dirt cheap on Facebook). And, it’s exactly what you said… my other posts are getting a lot more traction as a result of my advertising the one post. Thanks again for sharing this. Been a pretty dramatic impact for me.

  4. Good tactic but it highlights what has happened to Facebook since it’s IPO. It’s personal OR business and nothing in between. The ‘blur’ that used to exist is gone. That sweet spot that allowed ‘Pages’ to get many of the benefits of the personal accounts.

    Facebook is peerless in terms of reach but you have to spend as a Page these days. For most Jo-Blow bloggers it’s not really an option. I personally am targeting continuing my Twitter growth and putting a lot of effort into Instagram (until Mr Zuckerberg throttles the organic reach there too)

    If you have some $$ then I love your strategy :)

  5. How many actual hits were coming to your website from Facebook? I see the percent increase, but no raw data. I’m asking because even if I did triple my traffic from Facebook, it wouldn’t be that much anyway.

  6. When you boost a post what options do you pick?
    People who like your Page
    People who like your Page and their friends
    People you choose through targeting

    • People you choose through targeting (and it should be set to “People who visited your site” — your pixel custom audience)

      • I do not see an option to target people who visited my website while boosting a post.
        I also noticed I get a much bigger “possible” audience if I choose target audience rather than my own fans. Facebook is weird.

  7. I am new to this concept. So, forgive my ignorance. But what is a retargeting pixel and how do I get one and how do I apply it to my page?
    Many thanks, and Happy New Year!
    Lauren A

    • Hey Lauren, you can get a retargeting pixel by setting up a Facebook advertising account. Inside go to Custom Audiences and it’ll give you a little snippet to add on your site.

  8. Nice article but would love a little more detail. When you say “Add a Facebook Advertising Pixel on the website” I’m not sure what this means. I can go ahead and Google it but what I don’t really understand is this – is my pixel custom audience (the “people who visit my site”) referring to people who’ve visited my actual blog site or my Facebook business page? Just want to be sure to target the right group.

    Also, is it best to boost at a certain time of day. For instance, if I boost a post at 5pm, will this help the engagement on my 9pm post? Or does it generally help all posts, even earlier posts?

  9. Hi,

    Thank you for wonderful post. I like the idea of using Facebook Pixel. It is a wonderful tool. I used Facebook ads before but that was not good. Going to use Pixel to target interested audience.

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