Life of a Blogger – A Day in My Life

My Life

When I tell people I blog for a living, they look at me funny. They think it’s some type of a joke. I mean how serious is blogging right? It can’t be like a real career like doctors, lawyers, or even a bank teller.

I mean I guess making a decent living, working from wherever you like, taking several vacations, having all your travels paid for, trying out cool new gadgets, etc sounds too good to be true let alone sound like a career.

To help parents and other elderly folks understand this new perspective, I’m going to describe what does a life of a disciplined blogger look like from day to day. I’m doing this to help all of my fellow young entrepreneurs in different parts of the world who face strong family backlash for choosing blogging or other tech related careers.

My Life

Little Background Info

I blog for a living. I build websites for a living. I get to try and keep cool gadgets for free. I get to travel the world to attend and speak at conferences. I get to work from where I want. I get to take cool vacations with my wife. I get to spend time with my family. Last but not least, I make an income doing what I love.

Below is what my day looks like.

A Day in My Life

When starting out I was not disciplined. Over the years, I’ve become very organized and disciplined in my career which has helped elevate me to the next level.

I wake up early. I make a cup of coffee and start planning my day out by writing things down.

I write down everything that I need to get done that same day, so I don’t forget anything. Also seeing things visually helps motivate me to get it done.

Each day my tasks are different but same.

  • I write blog posts on different topics every day.
  • I answer emails from my readers, and I learn something new every day from them.
  • I monitor my social media accounts and engage with my friends and followers.
  • I look at analytics data to see where we’re at, and how we can improve.
  • I have phone calls with potential clients and partners.
  • I have calls with my team members to discuss the progress of all the projects we’re working on.
  • I design and code as needed.
  • I look at the stock market and adjust my portfolio as needed.

Some where in between, I eat too. Yes I’m not as conscious about my health which I probably should be.

I also play with my dogs, spend time with my wife, and sleep.

Probably doesn’t sound like a real career or something that difficult, but I spend about 10 hours per day working. The beauty of this is that I work from my house. Sometimes from my home office and other times on my couch.

Now it’s not always the same. Sometimes I only work 1-2 hours a day.

When I’m traveling (which I’m just about every other week), I get to go meet tons of amazing people at conferences and make new friends.

The different type of people I’ve come across at my young age has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt from each of their experiences.

I still work when I’m traveling. All I really need to work is my Mac Book Air, a decent internet connection, my phone, and my SOL Republic headpones (I like them because they’re small and pretty good quality, and Yes I got them for free courtesy of Verizon #vzwbuzz Lifestyle program).

So if changing clothes wasn’t a necessity, then I can just travel with a laptop bag, and I’d be able to work from wherever I want.

I was just in Europe two weeks ago. Not only did I get to enjoy traveling through Belgium and Amsterdam, I also wasn’t missing any work.

Making an Impact

Sure I don’t save lives every day like a doctor would, but I believe that what I do is making an impact. Over the years, I’ve empowered hundreds of thousands of small businesses and individuals to get an online presence.

I’ve entertained millions through my List25 site.

I even had a privilege to help build a school in Guatemala and bring education to kids.

An unusual career

I know it’s hard to imagine blogging as a career. It breaks the norm because my job allows me to work from home. It breaks the norm because my job doesn’t require me to have a college degree (even though I do). It breaks the norm because I don’t have to request for time off, I can pick up my bags and take my work with me. It breaks the norm because I’m making money even when I’m sleeping. It breaks all the norms that my parents and their generation and generations before them grew up with.

Breaking social norms is scary, but I urge you to not force your kids and try to be supportive. Not every kid is going to be a doctor. Stop forcing them to be one.

Educate yourself about this growing industry of online careers such as blogging, social media marketing, web design, software development, etc. Trust me, these careers are here to stay.

If you’re a young entrepreneur (teenagers) who do not have support of your parents, then please show them this article. Reach out to me using my contact form, and I’d be happy to talk with your parents about this on your behalf (know that I do my best to reply to all emails, but I do get a lots of them).

For parents, know that I’m just one of the many bloggers out there. Not everyone is as disciplined. Some folks just blog as a passion, but I do it for both passion and my living.

If you have any questions or feedback, then please leave a comment below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

38 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger – A Day in My Life

  1. Syed thank you for your blog, it’s such an important message to educate parents on this incredible career which can support any lifestyle. Blogging requires discipline, creativity and to make money, also some critical thinking….aren’t those the skills we insist our kids learn in school?

  2. I’m currently blogging for my own website and hopefully one day I can be living the life I wanted, which is the same as you. Do anything I want, blog anywhere, and take as much vacation as I possibly can. You inspired me a lot and I always read your posts on here and WpBeginner. Thanks for everything man.

  3. Syed, I’ve been following you ever since I stepped into WordPress. Thank you for this amazing and inspiring article.

    I must admit, I’m not organized and disciplined. Reading this article has had a huge impact on me.

    • Hey Sourav,

      Thanks for the comment man. Yes being disciplined is absolutely crucial. I know a lot of folks think of online business as a sprint, but it’s really like a marathon.

  4. You hit the nail on the head! It’s all about your reason for blogging and type of commitment you put into it. I really need to be more scheduled with blogging (I’m doing much better this year) but it’s a work in progress, especially since I homeschool my now 13-yr-old daughter. Kudos to you for really making it work so well!

  5. Thanks for writing this beautiful article Balkhis. As of now I really want to make an impact in this interesting world. But I have some difficulties. And I’ve a lot from you and your work. I’d like to know more about how you manage your time. And also how to separate everything very well. I’m also learning new technologies everyday, but I notice that I take some time to know them well. If you you could reply to my email, I’d be very grateful to you. Again thanks and good work! Keep it going!

    – Regards, JGB!

  6. Masterpiece! This just stunned me. I am actually the one in the que out there who is not so good at this studies but still trying hard to graduate, but already adapted blogging as a permanent career and do this very thing for running my life, passion is the most important factor here. If the work involves passion + force to do it for living, the combination can just blow up the surroundings with it’s awesomeness! Syed Balkhi, indeed, you motivated me and a lot of youngsters through your story more than anything else! Thanks

  7. Hello Balkhi,

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful piece. This is a clear and simple message for all those who don’t understand that things have changed now and you don’t need to be a doctor, engineer or follow some other profession to manage your living. I believe that if you are not enjoying your life and work, then you at risk. Blogging is an immense thing, if properly under down pat. You and some other bloggers are one big example and motivation source for all those who want to work in/for the digital area. I’m in the Digital marketing profession for months, but I never had this thought to start something. Thanks for pulling me ;)

  8. Hi Syed,

    Most people don’t think you can make money from blogging but in actual fact you can make quite a lot, and you’ve proved it. I love what you are doing with your blog(s) and appreciate the help that you provide everyone through your articles and other content. Thanks for everything. I just have one question, how do you get more discipline?



  9. This is great and so encouraging. After working in corporate America for 8+ years I just gave notice at my day job so I can pursue my passion as a blogger. I look forward to enjoying a similar lifestyle as the one you’ve created for yourself. Such a great post I’ll definitely be sharing it with others.

  10. Really a very inspirational story of a blogger that inspired me a lot in choosing the blogging as my full time career. thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing article with us..@Balkhi.

  11. Hi Syed

    It was great to meet you via Ian Cleary at the #SMMW14 conference last week – your tips were great there and coincidentally I Googled for WP help just now and found you again.

    Great post and thanks for the tips.

  12. Being a successful blogger like you is never easy but if you could reach that goal everything become so easy for you.Such a great and inspiring story from you.Nice share.

  13. I am really happy to read such an awesome story. Leading this type of life is not so easy. Even, blogging is not for all. Those who could overcome all these struggles will surely come out successful. I wish, I could live like you…!!!

  14. Blogging is all about inspiring, and it’s really an incredible journey for all of us in blogging. As a 12 year old entrepreneur and blogger, when I do say – I am a blogger who makes decent amount of money with blogging, people either express “WOW” or “How’s your studies by the way”. Although I get full support from my family, I would really try promote blogging.

    Well, it’s really a motivational journey and I really liked this article by far by reading it, thanks Sir Syed Balkhi, for such inspiration.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.
    – Bishal Biswas

  15. how about starting your own office with your team members as staff? then you can lead normal life and still enjoy all the benefits u said above

  16. You know what you’re hell lot of inspiration for me Syed :)
    whenever a interesting article comes up on List25 I show it to my parents and they just get amazed how you guys gather so much of inspiration!
    But when I tell them about your profession or about Blogging as a career they don’t get a word of it :
    Soon I’ll pitch an email to you buddy.

  17. Same thing happened to me when I consult with my parents and try to convince them and blogging online, they just laughed at me. At Last I got successful to proper convinced them and now I’m making decent income online, and do what I like to.. Thanks for the great article Syed Balkhi brother it just remind me my previous starting days. :)

  18. Very true Syed Balkhi. You have elaborated the true points and it is very motivational.I am first time reading this blog and really great experience.

  19. Working from home is always good and convenient. Your day to day life seems wonderful and exciting, the great advantage of being self employed is that it’s always exciting. You wake up everyday being excited about your work, and it certainly does help you to become more productive and make the best out of the day.

  20. Hey Syed :D I must say you’re an awesome writer.

    I’m a teenager myself from India and am going through the same process that you went through. I’ve started my small web design freelancing business and am a blogger as well… My parents are no where close to accept my dreams as they are right now!

    I’ve come to realize that the only thing I can do right now is prove myself! I have to spare time after college (which is very boring) and keep on doing what I love to do in those 3 to 4 hours of the day that I get.

    Blogging is awesome and is much better than any other 9-5 job out there! You just listed all the advantages above…

    Let’s see what happens :D Thanks a lot for this article. I’m all filled up with energy now! Will contact you in future if I face more resistance from my parents… hehe… after all, you’re a live example of how successful a blogger can be ;)


  21. hey Balkhis, first of all i am very big fan of yours, blogging is now becoming my passion as well but i am facing mis management & sometimes laziness i though every day i will do this and that but ending up doing nothing or very less, i just write about wirte down tip of yours i will try that from today lets see if it helps me or not.

  22. When I started my “proper” online working activities like blogging and freelancing back in 2012, I had few really inspirational people in my list whom I’d follow each day and see what they are doing. This list has given me courage to continue what I liked — working online. I am pretty lucky to have you in that list.

    Blogging and working online is obviously scary for some parents. They don’t want their kids to stay in front of a computer and work without a uniform. Probably these kind of jobs haven’t evolved enough or don’t have as much charm as an engineering or a medical jobs offers. During my last semester at university, my parents once asked what kind of job I am expecting to join after graduating. I couldn’t explain the situation but now I am at a point where I can tell them that I am doing good and it’s going to continue and get better eventually.

    This is a great piece of writing. I will surely share with people who need some inspiration.


  23. I think being a blogger is being a professional. As long as you treat it as a profession. It doesn’t mean you have I know some very successful bloggers that started out as a hobby and turned the blog into a business later.
    What matters is how you treat your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. I think being a successful blogger sounds too good to be true for some because they don’t believe that it is possible for them.
    It would be nice to know how much time you spend on the different activities like blog post writing, social media, etc. I am sure it varies somewhat.

  25. Very true Syed Balkhi. You have elaborated the true points and it is very motivational.I am first time reading this blog and really great experience.

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