What is Syed Balkhi’s Net Worth?

You’re probably thinking that I am some sort of narcissist writing about my own net worth in third person. It’s quite the contrary. I was looking through the search traffic for my blog, and I noticed that I have a lot of type-in traffic where users are simply searching my name. Surprisingly, the top related […]

5 Tips to Creating Stellar Evergreen Content that Lasts

Evergreen Content

Want to know the secret of receiving a constant stream of organic traffic to your site? It’s called Evergreen content. I get asked about it all the time, so I decided to share some tips on how you can create stellar evergreen content that lasts. Before I start, I want to mention that developing evergreen […]

How to Structure a Perfect Blog Post (With Examples)


When you first start blogging, you don’t really know how to put together a blog post. You may not even know if your blog post ideas are any good. Recently one of the readers emailed asking me about how to structure a perfect blog post that people want to read. Well having written and edited […]

School of Greatness Book Cover

School of Greatness Book (Rodale Books, 2015)

It’s not all the time I make book recommendations, but I have to tell you about one that’s now on my Top Books To Read in 2015.

School of Greatness Book

This book is written by my good friend Lewis Howes.

I had a pleasure of meeting Lewis five years ago and since then I have followed his success closely.

He went from being an injured professional football player (broke living on his sister’s couch) to building several multi-million dollar online businesses.

The best part about Lewis is that he’s always inspiring others.

He’s the one who actually got me involved with the Pencils of Promise Charity through which I have built 3 schools in Guatemala.

I got the copy of his book and I’ve been reading it every night. It talks about the specific habits that all successful people have, shows you how to clarify your vision, develop hustle, and turn adversity into advantage (all actionable insights).

Buy the School of Greatness Book.