Want to Be More Productive? Start Waking Up Early

Wake Up Early

Ever felt like that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done?

I used to feel the same away a little over a year ago, until I decided to make a very important change in my life. I started waking up early.

I now wake up at 4:00 a.m every day, and I can say that I’m at least 10x more productive then when I used to work late nights.

As an entrepreneur, your day fills up fast. If you wait till the afternoon or evening to do something, then you’re likely to push it altogether.

For the longest time my solution was to catch up by working late nights. I thought I was being productive, but as it turned out, I was just lying to myself.

Research suggests the longer you stay awake, the cognitive performance of your brain goes down. So in theory, you’re less productive than you’re in the morning.

So I decided to test this out.

I started reading up some life hacking blogs to see how I can wake up earlier. Instead of waking up at 7 or 8, I decided to get up at 6 a.m. Then slowly worked my way up to 4 a.m.

Tapping into the power of mornings allow you to increase your productivity because there are less distractions.

My wife is asleep, my dogs are asleep, most folks on this side of the world are asleep, my twitter is not buzzing, basically I have no distractions. On top of that, my brain is fresh. Add a cup of coffee, and I’m like a hyperloop high-speed train that Elon Musk wants to build.

By the time when most people are getting to work (9 a.m), I’m basically done with my work day. Since I can dedicate 5 hours straight without any distractions, I usually finish 8+ hours of work. Because I’m laser focused. I also have a lot more will power in the morning.

Being so productive in the morning also sets a positive tone for the rest of my day. I feel like I accomplish a lot more, and it allows me to keep my daytime schedule very flexible. Not to mention stay ahead of the game all the time.

If you’re a night owl, I highly recommend that you try waking up early. It will be hard at first, but you can build this habit slowly. Sleep is very important for your body. When switching your schedule, don’t forget to adjust the time you go to bed, so you can get enough sleep.

Waking up early is by far the best time management tip I ever received. Aside from waking up early, writing things down also helps with productivity.

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