Why You Need to Start Building Your Email List Right NOW

Email List

Are you building your email list right now? If your answer is NO, then you’re making a huge mistake.

I see many small businesses, bloggers, and authors totally ignoring email lists and putting all their efforts in social media. When I ask them why aren’t they building an email list, the most common response I get is because emails are dead and social media is hot.

Is Email Marketing Really Dead?

The answer is NO.

Think about it. If emails were really dead, then why does every social network ask for your email address before you can create an account.

Emails are by far the best direct way of communication on the internet.

People check their inboxes daily, and it is not as crowded as their Facebook newsfeed. Not to mention that emails have been the single constant through out the history of the internet.

All these social media networks come and go. There was FriendFeed, Plurk, MySpace, Buzz, and countless others. Right now it’s Facebook, but research is already showing that the new generation (teenagers) are already abandoning facebook in favor of Instagram and Vine.

I’m not saying that social media is worthless I’m just saying that I would rather invest my time and effort in something that I know will last longer.

Benefits of an Email List

Over my 10+ year online career, I can tell you that building a targeted email lists is probably one of the best thing you can do for your business.

My email list gets more clicks, drive more sales, and have a higher engagement rate then any other platform including my blog or any other social media outlets.

Surprised? Well you really shouldn’t be. Email lists convert better for the following reasons:

  • Emails are Direct – You don’t have to fight the Facebook Edgerank nor do you have to compete with millions of others who’re crowding the newsfeed. Email marketing allows for your message to be delivered straight to the inbox.
  • Emails are Meaningful – To signup to your email list, the person has to type out their email address, wait for a confirmation email, and then verify their address. Anyone going through the double-optin step really wants to receive your message.
  • Emails are Private – Emails allow people to be themselves. People are afraid of asking questions in public, but in private they can be themselves.
  • Emails are Targeted – With the technology that we have available today, you can build highly targeted email lists. For example if someone buys product X, then they will be interested in this related product Y as well.

The bottom line is that email works better than anything else out there. This is why large brands spend their money on social media marketing to get people to join their email lists.

Why because these large brands are smart, and they understand the long term value of an email list.

Building an Email List

Wondering how to get started with your email list? Well here are few things that you need:

Good Email Marketing Service – I recommend that you use either Aweber or MailChimp. Both of those are great options. (Note: Blog email subscription options like FeedBurner or JetPack module are not real email lists).

Create Beautiful Optin Forms – Most WordPress themes comes with built-in sidebar email forms. My friends over at StudioPress do a very good job with these, so check out their themes.

If you want to really boost your email signups, then you can use a plugin that I created called OptinMonster. It has helped me go from 70 subscribers a day to over 440+ subscribers per day (see the case study).

The best way to get more signups is by offering incentives. It can be a coupon of your product, special eBook, or any other freebie. People love FREE STUFF.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, massage therapist, financial planner, wedding organizer, author, musician, or any small business, you NEED to be building an email list RIGHT NOW.

Do you have an email list? Are you struggling to get more subscribers? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Why You Need to Start Building Your Email List Right NOW

  1. Great post Syed! I think MailChimp is an excellent recommendation, especially for people who are just getting started building their lists (free plan & pay-as-you-go).

    I’m a satisfied user of MailChimp & StudioPress. OptinMonster sounds interesting & if it seamlessly integrates w/ what I already have in place, that alone makes it worth checking out.

  2. Hi Syed,
    Brilliant two posts (also “Want to be Successful? Then Learn to Learn From Experience”). I shall must be serious to creating a mailing list, but one thing I would like to know where could I find freebies for delivering subscribers regularly?

    Best Regards,
    K G Mozumder

  3. We used the popup (similar to bounce exchange) increased our signups by 1036%

    How often to you recommend mailing them out – once a week?

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a huge social media fan but also a big believer in tailoring the media to the audience/brand objectives and not just using what’s ‘cool’ at the time.

    Thanks for the tip re wordpress sidebar sign up forms. I’ve just re-built my website and a newsletter sign up option is my next task.

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