The Ultimate Internal Linking Cheat Sheet to Boost Your SEO

Internal Linking

I have received tons of questions about on-page SEO from my pre-publish blog post checklist, so I thought it might be helpful to cover this topic in detail. When it comes to on-page SEO, one of the most important, yet often misunderstood concept is internal linking. In this ultimate guide, I will explain the importance […]

16 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog

Blogging Lessons

Are you about to start your first blog? Maybe you’ve just got going, or you’re a few months in. You’re worried that you’ve missed something important – or you feel like you’re not seeing the success you should. That may well be the case … but I’ve got you covered. Like every blogger, I’ve made […]

3 Simple Steps to Create a Content Calendar for Your Blog

Content Calendar

Struggling to post regularly on your blog? Have you ever sat down to write, only to stare at a blank screen for ages? One of the best ways to solve that is by creating a content calendar for your blog. Maybe you’ve never come across this idea before – or maybe you’ve tried it in […]