Meetings Kill Your Productivity – Here’s How to Fix That


As entrepreneurs, we have way too many meetings. Whether it’s one-off events or the weekly check-in with employees, meetings can take up an increasing amount of time. Not to mention, they’re a huge productivity killer. But removing meetings isn’t always the best way to take back your time. Here are some tips that helped me […]

What DeflateGate Teaches Us About Leadership


I’m a big NFL fan. When the whole DeflateGate controversy was going on, I was in Guatemala visiting the schools that we built. But I wanted to write about this topic and what we can learn about leadership from this controversy. Say what you will about Bill Belichick, the guy engenders loyalty. Once the DeflateGate […]

The 1 Thing You Need to Build a Personal Brand and Become a Thought Leader

Becoming a Thought Leader

If you Google “how to build a personal brand”, then you will probably see articles about 7 ways or 8 key steps to building a personal brand. Well most of those articles are full of crap. Just because you create a personal website and call yourself a “social media expert” or “marketing expert” doesn’t make […]

Alexa is Bullshit – Please Stop Using it as a Traffic Comparison Tool

Alexa is Bullshit

Alexa is Bullshit, and we need to stop using it as a traffic comparison tool. I thought this was common knowledge, but even now I have seen speakers boasting about their site’s Alexa rank. What’s worst is when consultants start telling business owners that their website needs to be in the top 100k alexa rank […]

How We Turned a Failed Product into a Six Figure Business in less than a Month

Perfection Quote

Recently while doing an interview, I was asked “what do you attribute the overnight success of OptinMonster?” I chuckled a bit before responding. For most folks OptinMonster, our WordPress lead generation plugin, seems like an overnight success. However that was not the case. The first version of OptinMonster was a failure. But for those who […]