6 Steps to Improve Your Domain Authority and SEO

Increase Domain Authority

Want to know the secret behind why sites like Wikipedia, Forbes, and others always tend to rank high in search results? It’s because they have a good domain authority. As a small business owner, the only metric you need to worry about for SEO is your website’s domain authority. If you’ve never heard of domain […]

Revenue vs Profits – What should Boot-strapped Entrepreneurs Focus on First?

Profit Margin

As entrepreneurs, we are often too focused on growing site traffic, social media following, email list, team size, or whatever other dumb glorifying number that helps you brag in public. But how often do you focus on increasing your profitability? As a small business, growing your profit is crucial for your success. Recently while mentoring […]

2015 Year In Review and What’s Coming in 2016

Alaska Cruise - Beautiful

Wow 2015 came and went by so fast. Like every year, it was the best year ever for me. I saw tons of growth both on the business side and personal as well. Since everything happens so fast, I don’t always get a chance to document it all in one place. Starting this year, I […]

The Art of Mastering an Elevator Pitch in 6 Steps

Elevator Pitch

As an entrepreneur, everything in your life is a little more complicated. The unstable income, unpredictable work hours, and daily demands of your job are just a few things that set you apart from the typical career crowd. But even everyday situations such as meeting new people and pitching your business to potential clients, can […]

How We Increased Our Facebook Traffic by 332% in 2015

Increase your Facebook Reach

Everybody I have talked with is complaining about their Facebook page reach going down. That’s because the organic Facebook reach has slowly declined for most Facebook pages. Unlike others, 2015 was a huge year for WPBeginner on Facebook. We increased our Facebook traffic by 332 percent, and the crazy part is that almost all of […]